Downrigger "Pancake" Weight




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The Downrigger "Pancake" Weight is hand-poured and molded right here in Canada. Our downriggers are typically used in large lakes at great depths while trolling. They are used in conjunction with a downrigger rod and reel with a depth finder. The downrigger sets at a certain point in the water, while your line is attached by a snap. When you get a fish, the line releases itself from the downrigger for you to reel it in! The "Pancake" weight uses its fin to move itself to the side of the boat, allowing for multiple people to have their lines in the water at the same time. Coated with rubber so it won't scratch your boat!


  • Model: P 961
  • Manufactured by: Caribou


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 February, 2019.